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Using Kollagora's adhesives and sealants selection website to increase your sales of adhesives and/or sealants.

This website is a free service to members of the general public, handymen or handywomen and professionals alike searching for the most adequate products to do the job.

1. Retailers

kollagora qr code 100Have you ever observed the puzzled look of customers in front of the bewildering array of products displayed in most DIY stores? Informed help is  exceptionally available. The customer is therefore at the mercy of trial and error, with sometimes costly results and disappointment about brands.
Alternatively, their choice can be dictated by price only with sometimes disastrous results.
In addition, stores usually carry the products they sell faster. Customers may not be aware that some products may only be available by ordering online because the store usually does not provide information about the full product line of any manufacturer's brand.
This website provides to customers a free solution for retailers to both of these issues. The site will guide them to the store where they will find the product they need, and if it is not in stock, they can still order it online. However, they will need to prepare themselves by visiting the site at home or by using a smartphone in the store.
Kollagora offers an additional free solution for retailers to the search of the right adhesive or sealant: copy the QR code at the head of this section and display it at eye level in the store's adhesive and sealants section.
If a retailer is interested in displaying a QR code for the Kollagora website and increase its competitive edge, contact the managers using the contact form. For a reasonable fee, Kollagora will provide a special QR code which will filter the products carried by the store chain or available for purchase online.
Kollagora has also reserved space on its homepage to display advertisements customized by country of retailers and manufacturers. Contact the managers for rates, contractual conditions, etc.
2. Manufacturers
Contact us if you wish to display ads for your brands on the Kollagora website's home page.
Kollagora will also provide you a special QR code for a reasonable fee which filters your products only when a search is being carried out. Then print the code on your brochures, leaflets and display it on your website as a service to your customers, and to make it more likely they will buy your products.
The database underlying the adhesives and sealants website contains thousands of references to specific products, with details taken from publicly available data sheets.
You can play an active role in maintaining the references to your products up to date, instead of relying on the work of Kollagora's managers. In this case, we will provide you with the ability to log in as an administrator of the relevant section of the website and to make any changes you wish, provided you comply with the website's layout and design requirements.
Kollagora's managers commit to promptly review your input and bring it online. A reduction of the advertising rates will be applied should you be prepared to assume part of the workload. Contact us for details.