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Looking to find a solution to affix an object to another?

Welcome to the Adhesives, Glues and Sealants Selection Guide

 A user-friendly and dedicated guide for DIY and Professionals




Kollagora offers to consumers and professionals a free search engine to easily find the most effective glues or sealants to attach or fill cracks in any material type to another (wood to metal, plastic to plastic, concrete, etc.).

Once you have found the glue or sealant you need, you can choose your point of sale and even order it online.

For the most technical, Kollagora has a section looking in depth at the mechanisms of adhesion and explains the importance of surface preparation.

For the environmentally conscious, Kollagora also describes historical glue recipes made from milk, hides, flour or other natural occurring ingredients.

Look to Kollagora for a complete set of information on adhesives and sealants, supported by advertising but independent of any manufacturer.