Flour Glue

flour glue

Flour glue is yet widely used for commercial and home made adhesives.
Making flour glue and using it to make a kite with bamboo and light Kraft paper is pretty easy and funny.

Glazier's mastic

This mastic is still used today. As its name indicates it serves to perfect the fixing and sealing of the panes mainly on the frames of the doors and windows.
Its main characteristics are relatively low cost, simple manufacture, the use of natural products, and good longevity.

Sticky Insect Trap

rosin linseed oilHorticultural glue is a mixture of rosin, linseed oil or castor oil and other additives as beeswax which allows trapping pests in orchards or in gardens. It is an alternative to pesticides but the preparation is can be tricky and/or messy. This glue is available commercially.

Rice glue

rice glue

Rice glue is more resistant to humidity and more transparent once dry than wheat flour glue. It is used in Japan for traditional artistic purposes (for example, kanzashi or hair ornaments made of paper).

In Asia, rice glue is mixed with broken glass to impregnate fighting kite strings, to cut the strings of adversary kites.