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flour glue

Flour glue is yet widely used for commercial and home made adhesives.
Making flour glue and using it to make a kite with bamboo and light Kraft paper is pretty easy and funny.


Making the flour glue:

Mix in a saucepan half a teacupful of flour and one teacupful of water until a paste is obtained.

It is also possible to add:

  • ¼ coffee spoon of sugar to delay glue setting
  • A few drops of bitter almond oil as a preservative if the glue should keep for more than a day

Bring to the boil while slowly mixing, preferably with a kitchen whisk, until a viscous paste is obtained without lumps. To thicken or to make the glue more liquid, respectively increase the amount of flour or of water. You can also add more flour during the cooking but mixed with some cold water otherwise there will be lumps. The above proportions enable glue with the consistency of yoghurt, which is relatively liquid.

The glue will keep for up one or two days in a closed container (Tupperware) and in the refrigerator. After that time, bacteria and fungi will proliferate making the glue useless. The fermentation can be prevented with a few drops of bitter almond oil.

During the 70s almond oil was added to white glue to the delight of children, who enjoyed the taste. Some of us may still remember the characteristic smell and taste!


Make a kite glued with flour glue