rice glue

Rice glue is more resistant to humidity and more transparent once dry than wheat flour glue. It is used in Japan for traditional artistic purposes (for example, kanzashi or hair ornaments made of paper).

In Asia, rice glue is mixed with broken glass to impregnate fighting kite strings, to cut the strings of adversary kites.

Making rice glue

Bring to the boil four cups of water for one cup of rice (sushi rice, basmati rice or dessert rice in preference to long grain rice). Let simmer for 40-45 minutes to avoid hydrolyzing rice starch. Filter through a nylon stocking to separate any remaining solid matter. The liquid filtrate can be used as glue. If it is too fluid, continue simmering for another 20 minutes. If it is too thick, mix in some hot water. Add a few drops of bitter almond oil as a preservative.

Another use for "rice glue" is a folk remedy for colic. Add some salt and lemon juice to the boiled rice liquid and drink warm. It is not very tasty but it is said to be effective.


Make a kite glued with rice glue