aboutThis website aims to be the leading source of information in English, French and Dutch speaking countries on adhesives and sealants to help with the selection of the proper products to do the job.

The name "Kollagora" is derived from the Greek "kolla" = gum, glue and "agora" = place of assembly or market.

While adhesive and sealant manufacturers make great effort at bringing to the market safe and effective products tailored to consumer and industrial needs, their bewildering variety can be confusing both to the layman and to the professional alike. Hopefully this website will help them find the product they need.

This site is a private initiative by several experienced chemists who have decided that there is a need for a comprehensive and easy-to-use source of information on the selection of adhesives and sealants for the general public and for professionals.

These chemists have acquired extensive experience during their respective careers working with large international chemical and consumer products producers in technical support and managerial functions, and in chemical industry trade associations. They strongly believe in the benefits that chemicals bring to modern society, whether they come from nature and have been used for thousands of years, or from the most recent technologies. As chemists and technologists, they are bridging the gap between molecular scale properties of adhesion and the performance expected from the user.

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